Woman Comedian Narrates A Story About Her Dad, This Made My Ribs Hurt!

Anytime I am free, during my leisure time or in the evenings when I am from work, I usually put on Jeanne Robertson comical videos. This is because this comedian makes me laugh more than any other comedian. Jeanne Robertson, was a beauty model when young.

In the following clip, she explains in a funny manner how her father came to know that she was being called “Miss North Carolina.”  What a funny explanation! You really need to see this!


In the clip, she gives a detailed description where her title came from and how her father learned that she was addressed like that. It’s a comedy featuring the old days, about 40 years ago when she was still a young lady. She recalls how they would go to places with her dad and people would come to her and ask her the big Question, “Are You Miss Carolina?” what makes this so funny is that before she could answer, her dad would step forward and shake the hand of the one asking the question and give him/her a response.

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