I Miss The Words To Explain What These 4 Are Capable Of. Their Talent And Humility Is Unbelievable!

GQ female quartet have been sending chills up many people’s spines with their awesome voices. The first time you listen to them you can’t help it but put their song on repeat. Take a moment and watch them now.

So who are these women? Let’s take a quick look at their awesome lives. The GQ all female vocal quartetis made of Katie Macdonald, Katie Gills, Ali Hauger, and Amanda McNutt.

Katie M. plays sings the bas in the group. She says that she learnt to harmonize by listening and singing along Beatles’ hits. She has been involved in musicals since middle school. She is the group administrator too. She met Katie G. and Amanda while she expanding her musical knowledge to Jazz in college.


Katie G. sings the baritone for the group. She was an avid singer throughout high school and has been involved in All-State and County choirs. She handpicked Amanda, Katie M., and Ali for her Honor Capstone project, that’s when the Quartet was born.

Amanda M. started her singing career by being involved in chorus and musical theater as she was growing up. She is so caring that she is responsible for “giving back to the community,” services in the GQ group.

Ali H. has always loved singing so much that she is also in another group, the Dundalk. She holds several posts of responsibility which adds on to her role to give social updates for GQ. She is a social butterfly, so that role came naturally.

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