Survival Skill: Learn To Twine Or Cut A Rope Without Knife Or Scissors!

Each and every one of us would love to learn a tip that would prove helpful in case of emergency or even be a matter of life and death. Nothing beats us than being helpless in a situation involving us or those close to our hearts.

Such a tip would earn you great commendation if you helped someone out of a hopeless situation.  This could prove you smart for having come up with such.


What makes it amazing to watch is that the video makes it so simple to learn and also to teach others who would need the skill or would want to learn and teach others too. This would be great for those learning scouting and guiding especially those who love outdoor activities. Teachers working with any age group would greatly benefit their students.

Learning a trick is always sure ways to boost our self confidence and self esteem. Surprise those around you. These are kind of tips you wonder why everyone is not taught this in school.

Are you one of them?

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