The Story Of The Kind Jogger And The Stuck Wild Sheep. Note Something At 1:20. Great!

The wild sheep, also known as mouflons, are a fairly shy creation. The males are big, with curved horns that make them look deadly, but in reality, they’re more of shy than hostile.

But when a mouflon gets stuck on the branch of a tree, even this polish guy has to do something, and he has to do it fast!

Getting to rescue an animal can be tricky, especially when that animal is described as erratic. This jogger had to decide either to risk being attacked by the mouflonwhile trying to help it out or to brush it all off his face and continue with his work-out.


This video captures that moment in detail. You can see the wild sheep doing rounds and even snapping its head to in a feat to try and free its dear self! From the look of it, it doesn’t like the fact that it’s stuck while joggers are running around!

I really don’t know what I would do in such a situation. Although wild animals can be dangerous, doing nothing would hurt them!

Luckily, this of jogger is the kind type, and he decided to do something that most people would find very hard. See what he does at the 1:20 mark! I gasped!

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