What This Lady Did at A Train Station 50 Years Ago Is Just What Has Changed Everything. Watch This!


July 23, 2015 Videos

This video was recorded in the 1960s, and you’ll agree that so much has changed since then. However, you might want to realize that none of the current rock and roll music styles would have existed was it not for this one creative African-American.

Rosetta Tharpe was a singer, a dancer, an instrument player and a humble music star. Although she was often discriminated against because of her color, with most hotels in the US refusing her and her band accommodation, Rosetta was still a smart celebrity, converting her tour coaches into rest places for her band when need be.


In this cool clip, you get to watch this singer as she sings her piece at an isolated train station in the UK. It will be remembered that this lady is the godmother of roll and roll, because it’s her great singing style that later brought about the evolution to the current styles.

Watch this cool video and be impressed. You’ll find the performance both intriguing and touching, and that’s why you’ll want to drop a comment and alsoSHARE the clip with all your Facebook buddies!

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