Her Hubby Is Having Labor Pains, And I’m Cracking Up!

When you want to see a man screaming and a mom cracking up, you watch this video!

On Mother’s Day, many people celebrate their moms and give them beautiful gifts like flowers, cards and delicious meals. But that’s not what Kim Holderness is made of!

The Holderness family has stunned us with some really ridiculous clips for years, but this particular one takes it many levels up!

Penn, Kim’s husband, and their kids were in for Thanksgiving, but they wanted to do something for Kim, so they asked her what she wanted. What she chose will drop your jaw! It’s crazy!


Women like telling men they’ve no idea what they go through during birth, but when Kim decided to let Penn in on the secret, you suddenly realize that she actually wants him screaming his lungs out!

It’s at the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine, and one Dr.SamehToma hooks Penn to some deadly-looking machine that’s designed to simulate the contractions of one’s muscles during labor pains, and it’s a real disaster for Penn!

Even after watching the clip, you’ll still wonder why he gave in to go through with something like that. This guy’s is really daring! But you have to agree on just how hilarious it is watching a man through those pains. Kim can’t hold herself together. Watch!

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