This Dad Won’t Let Technology Hijack His Family’s Dinner Time. His Trick Is Super!

Of all the ads I’ve watched today, this one takes the cake!

You see, dinner time is perhaps the only time a busy family gets to spend time together. Other times the parents are working, the kids are playing or studying, and there’s no time to dish out niceties and such to each other or have a real talk with family members. However, the advent of technology has threated to sever this very family backbone. What do we do?!


Dolmino makes ready dishes, Italian sauce and pasta, and they know what technology is doing to families. To solve the problem, they cranked out a mega advert that went viral in minutes. You must want to watch it!

At dinner time, this dad realizes that the kids aren’t really “there.” Everyone is busy with their gadgets. Now wait and see what he does. Cool!

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