She Burst Into Tears Upon Reading The Message Dad Had Written On The Baby’s Onesie. Watch This!


May 28, 2015 Videos

Laney is a new mom and is holding her newborn baby girl and termed the experiences as “indescribable.” It’s the best feeling she has ever had!

Bailey Bomba was born one week ago and is already having a lifetime moment. It’s not always you come across a parent who is willing to share such a moment with everyone. When little Bailey grows up, she will look at the role she played and smile at it.


It’s an emotional moment when a mom gives birth. Bailey’s grandparents and dad wanted to surprise her mom and came up with a plan. Dad was getting the surprise ready while grandpa and grandma kept Laney busy.

While Laney was occupied, dad took the newborn and dressed her in an onesie that had some special message on it. When the baby was handed over to the unsuspecting mother, she was touched by the special message upon seeing it and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Please watch this video and see the kind of message which awaited the new mom. Kindly SHARE with others if you felt touched!

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